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Designed and curated by lawyers, Compliance Works is Canada’s only self-serve knowledge platform that gives you instant clarity on HR laws and compliance questions.

Compliance Works Portal Illustrating Employment Standards Across Provinces
Compliance Works Portal Illustrating Employment Standards Across Provinces

Canadian HR compliance laws
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Compliance Works’ smart technology scans and compiles Canada’s latest HR laws so our lawyers can turn them into searchable, easy-to-understand legal summaries.

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Get Canadian federal and provincial HR laws in one place, and easily compare the differences between Canadian jurisdictions.

Our lawyers produce simple, accurate summaries of complicated laws so you never miss the important stuff.

Quickly drill down and instantly see the specific  laws that you need.

Stay ahead of new and upcoming changes in legislation. We’ll send updates tailored to your needs in as little as 24 hours after the announcement.

Every piece of HR compliance content is produced by a team of Canadian lawyers who specialize in provincial and federal employment laws.

HR compliance,

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You need to meet thousands of legal requirements every year. We simplify the laws so you can act fast and stay in compliance.


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It’s simple: we founded Compliance Works because we lived it ourselves. As lawyers who regularly worked with organizations on HR compliance rules and best practices, we knew there must be a better way to make the most common HR laws accessible to teams in all organizations. So we built it ourselves.

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