Client Success Story: Review of Overtime Requirements

Employment law requirements change, which means that HR departments have to engage in periodic reviews of their policies, procedures and practices to ensure they continue to be in compliance.  These reviews start with background research to determine all of the relevant requirements. Once that background work is completed, the HR team will review its policies, procedures, documents and records to ensure that it is meeting those requirements.


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Our client, a large manufacturing business, engaged in a periodic review of its existing overtime policies and procedures before subscribing to Compliance Works. This review was focused on 4 provinces. They needed to look at issues such as:

  • overtime thresholds;
  • time off in lieu of overtime;
  • exemptions from the overtime provisions; and
  • record keeping requirements.

This meant that they needed to dig down into the weeds, looking at not just the relevant employment standards acts for each province, but also identifying and reading through all relevant regulations.

Not only were they in the weeds, but they had to be sure they were right. Which meant they had 3 people working on this task, reviewing the legislation and double checking each other’s work to ensure correctness.

What made this more challenging was that this work had to be done in conjunction with all of their other responsibilities. All of the day-to-day HR work had to be attended to and this project was tackled as time permitted. Our client estimates that the background work to pull together all of their requirements would have been at least one week if it were all done at once.  Without being able to do it all at once, it is a project that has stretched over months.

For more information on the process involved in this type of research, see our earlier post on a Step-by-Step Guide to Banked Overtime Requirements.


Our client used this project to test Compliance Works during their free trial.  Using Compliance Works they were able to create a report that brought together all of their requirements for all 4 provinces in approximately 5 minutes. That report gave them:

  • plain language summaries of the requirements under the employment standards acts and regulations;
  • all exemptions that applied to their employees; and
  • all pending and in force amendments to these requirements so that they can also stay on top of changes.

Our client used Compliance Works to confirm that the work they had completed was correct, and to confirm the accuracy of Compliance Works. Having spent months working on this project they knew the answers and were able to test their findings against Compliance Works’ reporting.

banked overtime
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Our client is now able to use Compliance Works to achieve significant benefits over their old way of approaching this type of review:

  • a task that was previously done by 3 people to ensure accuracy can now be done by 1 person and information can be easily shared with everyone who needs it;
  • the background research to complete this review can be done in about 1% of the time it used to take (5 minutes vs. 1 week);
  • the client has confidence that they have identified all of their requirements and all applicable exemptions, even those buried in regulations;
  • the ongoing updates provided by Compliance Works ensures that our client is always up to date, which reduces the need for these periodic reviews to ensure ongoing compliance.


Going forward, our client will be able to significantly reduce the time spent on these types of reviews. First, they are now able to stay up-to-date with changes as they happen rather than relying on periodic reviews. And second, when a situation arises that does require a deeper dive into the legislation, they can complete that research in a fraction of the time that it used to take and with fewer resources devoted to that research. This means more time can be spent on higher value or more strategic work.