Ontario Employment Information Checklist – 2 Key Processes

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Employment information must be posted by employers in every workplace in Canada. In some cases employment information must be provided to employees. Posting and providing employment information to employees may seem relatively easy to implement. But, employment information requirements vary by jurisdiction.

What’s more, requirements often change, making implementation of the rules more challenging. If employers fail to comply with these employment information requirements, they can face enforcement action, including penalties and fines.

To help HR compliance professionals implement these requirements effectively, Compliance Works has published this new Employment Information Checklist for Ontario employers. This Compliance Works Checklist is the latest in a series of new tools for HR compliance professionals designed to ensure the workplace is in compliance with fundamental HR requirements. Future posts will cover other jurisdictions in Canada.

Employment Information Checklist

1. Provide to Employees

Employers must provide the following employment information to each Ontario employee:

    • Employment Standards Poster – Copy of the most recent employment standards poster published by the Ontario government (including in a language other than English, if requested)
    • Certain Policies – If an employer has 25+ employees on January 1 of any year (within 30 days of preparing or updating the policy):
      • Disconnecting from Work Policy; and
      • Electronic Monitoring Policy

Note: New employees must receive a copy of the poster and the policies (where applicable) within 30 days of their start date.

2. Post in the Workplace

The following employment information must be posted in locations accessible to employees in Ontario workplaces:

    • Health and Safety
      • Copy of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 
      • Regulatory guidance explaining workers’ rights, responsibilities and duties – in English and the majority language of the workplace
      • Names and work locations of the health and safety committee members (where applicable)
      • Poster (known as Form 82) regarding the necessity of reporting all accidents and receiving first aid treatment 
      • First aid certificates in first aid stations/rooms (where applicable)
      • Copies of the general occupational health and, workplace harassment and workplace violence policies
      • No smoking signs, including at at each entrance and exit and in washrooms
      • Copy of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board’s annual workplace summary (where applicable)
      • Copies of any orders and related notices of compliance
    • Termination of Employment
      • Notice of group termination and related information (where applicable)
    • Pay Equity
      • Notice of employer’s obligation to establish and maintain pay equity and how to file a complaint or objection (where applicable)
      • Pay equity plan and a notice indicating whether the plan was amended (where applicable)
    • Information as Directed
      • Documents as required by employment standards officers 
      • Notices as required by the Ontario Labour Relations Board

Note: Health and safety inspectors may also affix orders of non-compliance in the workplace, and only inspectors, or those they authorize, can remove them.

How Compliance Works Helps HR Professionals

Compliance with constantly changing employment laws and ongoing changes can be challenging and time consuming. Compliance Works helps HR professionals understand with more confidence their responsibilities for complying with employment standards in Ontario and across Canada.

Posting Employment Information

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About the author

Lesha Van Der Bij
Lesha Van Der Bij CEO and Co-Founder, Compliance Works
Lesha is a senior lawyer who spent many years of her legal career at major Canadian law firms reviewing legislation and creating easy-to-understand summaries for clients.

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