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New HR Compliance Checklist Tool

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Compliance Works has launched a new feature – interactive HR compliance checklists for each Canadian jurisdiction where you have employees.

We heard from many HR professionals that they are looking for a simpler way to manage their HR compliance obligations. So, we developed a new HR compliance checklist tool, which goes well beyond any checklist that you may find on the internet.

Compliance Works Checklists provide employers with a clear road map for achieving and maintaining HR compliance.

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Why are HR compliance checklists helpful?

HR compliance can be complicated. The federal government and every province in Canada mandate that employers implement certain policies, procedures, employee communications, reports, records, training, etc. Often, these requirements vary from one jurisdiction to the next.

According to this Forbes article, you can spend as much as 60% of your office hours on “work about work”.

HR compliance checklists can help employers to increase efficiency (leaving more time strategic HR work) by enabling HR teams to:

  • prioritize essential tasks
  • ensure nothing important is missed
  • promote transparency and accountability.

Plus, checking items off a checklist can be satisfying, and may even motivate your team to do more!

What makes Compliance Works Checklists unique?

In a nutshell, Compliance Works Checklists are accurate, comprehensive, and always up-to-date

We have seen many HR compliance checklists that provide a “top 10” of employment law requirements, with little or no guidance on what the employer must do to meet these requirements. Unfortunately, HR compliance cannot be boiled down to a basic list of a few “key” requirements. 

Compliance Works Checklists provide a thorough review of day-to-day HR compliance requirements in all of the Canadian employment laws that we cover. Further, these Checklists are backed by thousands of plain language summaries in Compliance Works Info Hub, which set out exactly what employers need to do to comply with the law. And just like the entire Compliance Works app, Checklists are continually updated – in real time – to reflect changes to HR laws.

Key features of Compliance Works Checklists

You can use the features of Compliance Works Checklists to focus on requirements applicable to your workplace and monitor your progress in achieving your HR compliance goals. This includes the following features:

  • use the Number of Employees option to filter out requirements that do not apply when you have a small number of employees in a particular province
  • track the Status of your compliance with each requirement – Not Started, In Progress, Done – which is saved from one login to the next (through cookies)
  • sort by Type of Requirement – Employee Committees, Employee Communications, Hiring, Policies and Procedures, Records, Reporting, Training and Ongoing Compliance – to prioritize certain tasks
  • sort by Last Updated to make it easy to see any legislative amendments since the last time you reviewed your Checklist.

How to use the new Checklists tool

It’s easy! In the Compliance Works dashboard, go to Checklists

  1. Jurisdiction: To get started, select the jurisdiction where your employees work. Unless your workplace is federally regulated, typically, the law of the province where an employee works will apply to that employee.*
  2. Number of Employees:  Some requirements are triggered based on the number of employees you employ. To determine which requirements apply to your workplace, enter the number of employees that work in the jurisdiction you have selected. Info Hub includes definitions of employee/worker if you are unsure whether someone should be included in your employee count.**

Once you have generated your HR compliance Checklist, you can use the features described above to sort your list and track your progress in meeting your objectives. You may also start by noting Requirements that you have already completed. Items that are marked as Done can be hidden, thereby shortening your list!

*Note: A remote workforce can mean that you are multi-jurisdictional employer and must comply with laws of each province where you have an employee. To learn more, read our earlier post: Remote Work – What are the HR Compliance Implications?

**Note: The Number of Employees feature is most applicable to smaller, private sector employers that may not be required to meet all HR compliance requirements. For an example of how this works, see our earlier post: Hiring Employees? Growing Ontario Team Means More HR Compliance.

Interested in learning more?

Checklists are available with all Compliance Works free trials. If you would like to start with a demo of Checklists, sign up here or contact us at

About the author

Lesha Van Der Bij
Lesha Van Der Bij CEO and Co-Founder, Compliance Works
Lesha is a senior lawyer who spent many years of her legal career at major Canadian law firms reviewing legislation and creating easy-to-understand summaries for clients.

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