Answers to questions we’re frequently asked.

Subscription FAQs

Both plans provide easy access to HR compliance information – written in plain language.

Starter plans include:

  • Up to 3 Areas of Law (e.g., employment standards, human rights, health and safety)
  • 1 jurisdiction in Canada (e.g., federal or one province)
  • Ability to create customizable reports for future reference
  • 1 user account

Enterprise plans include:

  • All Areas of Law
  • All jurisdictions in Canada 
  • Ability to create customizable reports for future reference
  • 10 or more user accounts (depending on your selected plan)
  • Premium accounts also include the ability to download PDF copies of your customized reports for offline use 

Compliance Works provides cross-Canada coverage of employment legislation. This includes HR laws governing federal workplaces and all of the provinces. (Note: Currently, we do not cover the territories.)

Compliance Works covers:

  • Accessibility
  • Employment Standards
  • Health & Safety
  • Human Rights 
  • Labour Relations 
  • Official Languages
  • Pay Equity (private sector only)
  • Privacy (private sector only)

For a full list of the legislation we are tracking see the Scope of Product.

You can sign up for a 14-day free trial by simply clicking here and entering your business information. No credit card is required!

If you wish to continue to have access to Compliance Works after the free trial period, sign up for a paid subscription. Starter subscriptions are only $50 per month. Contact us for Enterprise pricing.

You will automatically be signed up for a daily email notifying you of all developments within the previous 24 hours. You can change your email preferences from daily to weekly, or to focus on jurisdictions or topics of interest.

The summaries are prepared by senior lawyers with employment law experience.

We have developed our own automation software that tracks changes to employment legislation across Canada, and feeds those changes directly into the Compliance Works tool. We are continually scanning all sites that report Bills, regulations and proclamations every day. 

This means that we can report on changes in real time – making Compliance Works the most timely HR compliance resource in Canada.

Yes!  Compliance Works is accessible on all mobile devices.

Product FAQs

Enter your keyword(s) in Search. To zero in on the information you need, use the filters. 

If you prefer to browse, go to “Info Hub”, select an Area of Law You (e.g., Employment Standards),  and Topic (e.g., Leaves of Absence). You can scan the list of leaves of absence or drill down further into a particular type of leave (e.g., bereavement leave). Or, filter your results to focus on a specific province.

To compare requirements across jurisdictions, click Compare Jurisdictions.

Latest Updates provides you with a quick snapshot of recent amendments to Acts and regulations. You can filter Latest Updates to focus on a particular jurisdiction, or to distinguish between what is already in force and amendments that are still pending.

By default, Latest Updates lists amendments from the previous 60 days, but you can change your time parameters to see amendments from the past week, month, year, etc.

Info Hub allows you to find the information you need and to save it into customized reports.

Start by selecting the Area of Law, then pick a Topic. To drill down further, you can filter by Provision (i.e., sub-topic), jurisdiction and/or industry.

Note: The industry filter finds exemptions and special rules (where applicable) related to an industry, profession or occupational group. 

If you would like to save an individual provision for future reference, click on Add to Report. Or, save all of the results on a page by clicking on Add Results to Report. 

Yes! Use the Search bar to search for keywords across Compliance Works. You can filter your search results by Area of Law, Topic, Jurisdiction, and amending Bill or Regulation. You can add each result to a new or existing report for future reference. 

Note: Search only finds keywords in the summaries included in Compliance Works. It does not search the underlying legislation. 

To access the reports you have created, go to My Info. These saved reports are always up-to-date, reflecting any amendments you see in Info Hub. 

If you have created multiple reports, use the dropdown to find the report of interest. You can rename reports and edit the content. To zero in on a specific provision, use the table of contents on the left-hand side. 

If you have a subscription that includes PDF downloads, you can download a copy of your report – to send to a workplace colleague or to review offline.

You will automatically receive a daily email notifying you of all developments within the previous 24 hours. When you click on the link in your email, you will go directly to that Provision in Compliance Works (provided you are logged in). 

A yellow bar indicates that this Provision is being amended. Click on the link to see further details on the amendment in a side-bar to the right. 

  • If the amendment is pending, you will see a brief summary of the amendment.
  • If the amendment is in force, you can click on Compare Previous Versions to see a side- by-side comparison of old vs new.

Yes! Each Provision in Compliance Works includes a link to the legislation and references the applicable section numbers. When a Provision is amended, we also include links to the amending Bill or Regulation. 

Yes! Click on the Compare Jurisdictions link to the left of each Provision. Then add the jurisdictions of interest and scroll to the right. 

To the right of each Provision, you will see a plus sign to Add a Note/Reminder.

This feature enables you to add a personal note (only visible to you) regarding any provision. You can also add a reminder that will send you an email regarding that note on a date you specify. To see all of your notes, go to the My Info and click on My Notes.

For more information on Notes/Reminders, see our recent blog post.

To the left of each Provision is a date, indicating when the Provision was last updated.

Some compliance requirements go beyond the scope of Compliance Works, as they may require legal advice. For example, if an employer is terminating the employment of an employee, there are other sources of law (including prior court decisions) that may require the employer to provide more notice and termination pay than the minimums set out in the legislation. 

When these potential issues arise, we flag that for you. 

If you have an Enterprise account, there are 2 ways that you can share Compliance Works information with your co-workers. 

  • If they are also signed up for an Compliance Works account, you can send them a direct link to a provision by using the Permalink button to the left of each provision. 
  • If they are not signed up for an Compliance Works account, and you have a Premium account, you can send them a PDF download of a report.

To change your email notifications go to your name > Preferences in the dropdown.

Under the heading Email Frequency, you can opt to receive a Daily or Weekly summary. Or to unsubscribe from all notifications, select Never.

If you would like to focus on specific jurisdictions or topics of interest, edit your Watchlist. If you only want to receive notifications related to your saved reports, deselect all Areas of Law in your Watchlist.

If you are the owner of an account, you can change the account and billing information by clicking on your name > Account Settings in the dropdown.

To change your business name or address, click on Account Info.

To add or remove users, click on User Accounts.

To manage your billing information, see when your account is scheduled to renew, or cancel your plan, click on Billing & Payments. 

If you have a comment or question regarding a specific Provision, you can use the “Report an Issue” link. It is located to the left of each Provision. Or, contact us at info@complianceworks.ca.