Case Study: Managing HR Compliance on a Budget

Ensuring compliance with employment laws can be a time-consuming and expensive task. Our client uses Compliance Works to maintain HR compliance on a very finite budget.


Our client is a small non-profit organization (under 50 employees) that is headquartered in Quebec, but has employees located across Canada. Their Executive Director (ED) is often playing multiple roles at once (e.g., ED, Director of Operations, HR manager, etc). And they have a limited dollars to spend on external consultants and lawyers.

They want to ensure that all of their staff – working from coast to coast – are equally represented and protected by their organizational documents. So, they have a small team and limited resources, but they want to make sure they follow the wide range of employment laws governing their organization.


Our client is able to use Compliance Works as an ongoing reference tool – whenever they need access to employment law information. In particular, they use Compliance Works to:

  • access employment standards and health and safety information, as their team grows and moves into new categories of compliance (i.e., based on the number of employees);
  • develop HR policies and procedures that not only respect Quebec’s Act respecting labour standards, but also compare and align with applicable provincial and federal standards.


HR Compliance


Compliance Works offered our client a number of advantages over relying on external resources, including:

  • maintaining their HR policies as laws change, rather than waiting for anannual review with an external consultant;
  • reducing their spend on external consultants, as documents are maintained on an ongoing basis;
  • gaining a better understanding of employment laws so that they can go to their lawyers with specific “asks”;
  • fair treatment of all employees;
  • reducing the risk of not being in compliance with an important requirement.


Our client is able to ensure ongoing compliance with a myriad of applicable employment laws for a fixed annual fee.

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